The Spanish Language

For some people, let’s face it especially the native English speakers, learning a foreign language is a daunting prospect. But, it doesn’t have to be! Remember, a few words of Spanish can make all the difference to your life in Spain.

When you move to this very cosmopolitan paradise under the sun, the easiest temptation is to make friends with fellow English speakers, rather than make an effort with the Spanish language. This is understandable but not recommendable at first!

In Holiday Dreams, after nearly 20 years of having attended and met hundreds of expats who have moved to the Costa del Sol, there's something we have observed, and that repeats it in a high percentage: Most of those who are not taking seriously and as a priority learning the Spanish language when they first arrive, they will not end up doing it during all of their life. They will learn some words and phrases, but won’t learn properly the language, so they lose very much of what this wonderful country has to offers, especially if your aim is to live and work here. Of course, we are referring specifically to those that exceed, say 50 years! Young people have more ability to learn.

Our recommendation is to make the necessary effort in the first months after landing in the country, and avoid as much contact with other English speakers as possible - especially when you first arrive. Since the Costa del Sol is so cosmopolitan, by welcoming more than 154 nationalities, it is very easy to be lazy and go ahead without the dire need to learn the language. Subscribe to a prestigious school where you go to every day, between 20 and 30 hours a week, and after a few months (3 or 4), you will be able to speak and write the language without problems. If you do not have much time a day, take fewer hours! It will take you longer, but still you will end up with the same good results.

If you do make the effort, you'll find out much more about the real Andalucía and how they tick. You will be able to tap into the cultural heritage without always relying on and the English translation. The great thing about living in Andalucía is that the people are generally very friendly and willing to help - especially if they can see that you are making an effort. The reward is worth the effort, especially when you consider that Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world, with 380 million Spanish speakers.

From Holiday Dreams, we point you how learning the Spanish language can enrich your life by having:

• Greater job prospects
• More active social life
• Greater independence
• Love
• And cultural relevance

In the last years, the local town halls, especially along the Costa del Sol and also in some inland towns in Andalucía, have created Spanish classes for foreigners. This is usually run by the department called the "Casa de Cultura" and the prices are usually very low, as they are subsidized by the Town Hall.

There are some excellent books, videos, CD's and tapes which give you a good grounding in the language. Repetition being the mother of skill, the best idea is to learn some phrases and vocabulary and then brave the storm outside and practice chatting to people in your everyday life.

Where to Learn

There are a number of competitively priced language schools in every town and resort of the Costa del Sol. Quality tends to vary very much. Having the confidence to try out your newly acquired skills is one of the hardest initial obstacles to overcome – it is only natural to be nervous, fearful of making mistakes, and generally slightly uncomfortable when attempting those first exchanges. But remember, no Spaniard will ever think ill of you for trying. Indeed, the very fact that you’re making the effort is usually met with beaming smiles and a warm reception.

From Holiday Dreams, with no doubt, we hope our recommendation will be taken with some weight when we recommend only one single school. Because we are sure of its reputation and results, and although is more expensive than others, and it may not be located so close to you, believe us when we say that it is the best, and with much difference, and it is: "Malaca Instituto".

In addition, unlike many other language schools, this is very international, has very small classes with all type of ages, which companies all across Europe sends its employees to learn Spanish, but mostly because it offers the opportunity to learn the language, by bringing you closer to the Spanish culture.

Malaca Instituto it has won, for the fifth time, the Super Star Award as school of Spanish (worldwide) at theprestigious STM Industry Awards held every year at the Hilton Park Lane in London. As a five time winner Malaca Instituto now enters the Hall of Fame as a "Superstar" school. Malaca Instituto is the first school of Spanish to obtain this status and only one of 11 schools in the world.

They received their Star Award on 2007 – 2009 – 2010 - 2012 and 2013.

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