Public Transport

The steady growth along the Costa del Sol has made having to face the need to extend lines and offer new services to its citizens and visitors in recent years. The public transport system has greatly improved, and these are clean, modern and frequent. Public transportation makes the move from one site to another on The Costa del Sol easy and enjoyable.

Click on the links enclosed below to get all kinds of general information, phone numbers, and timetables for each public transport:


Málaga's Airport Train Station Location: Once entering the Arrivals Hall from Customs go up the escalator to the Departures Hall. Go to the upper deck parking area and turn right. Look for the signs which indicate the train station, It also says “railway” now. You will reach a walkway bridge that goes back and forth. That will take you down to the Station.

Make sure you have some coins with you as the machine sometimes rejects notes. By the way, you can change the language on the machine to make it easy to use. The average fare is about €1.50 so that will give you an idea on how much change you will need. The walk will take you around ten minutes and with the exception of a dozen steps to get you onto the platform, it is flats and slopes all the way.

The Station currently only has one platform, but for trains to Torremolinos, Benalmádena & Fuengirola etc you need to get on the one entering the station from the LEFT! It does say it on the front of the train anyway. All the stops are announced by tannoy as they approach the station and also shown on signs above the doorways.

Commuter Train

Important: Make notice you can take the Commuter train from the Málaga Airport every 20 minutes in between 05:20 AM to 23:30 PM, weekends included, and extending its schedule during Holy Week, Málaga's Fair and the summer season. The railway goes only in between the center of Malaga and Fuengirola center, taking multiple stops, lasting the entire tour 46 minutes.



On this website you'll be able to track flights that are of your interest, knowing when they take off, and monitor them until their arrival at destination.,-6.18/6

These are some of the flight search engines that will show you all the Airlines flying to the Costa del Sol. You will be able to choose your language.


There are currently a huge number of taxis on the Costa del Sol. In major towns and cities, they operate 24 hours a day, while in small towns and villages, operating hours vary. You can take taxis at taxi ranks or just hail a taxi on the street. When taxi cabs are available, they show a sign that reads “Libre”-"Free" on the windscreen or a green light on top of the roof.

Through this link we show you the telephone number to the taxi service by towns.