Food & Drinks

Andalucía is best known for its Mediterranean Diet was recently recognized as being part of UNESCO's world cultural heritage, and that is a hugely important part of its culture. The Andalusian Mediterranean diet is in fashion. Basic products such as fresh vegetables and pulses, fruit, fish and virgin olive oil have made Andalusian cuisine a major attraction, and Spain's chefs are widely acknowledged as being among the best in the world.

It is so reasonably priced that many people don’t want to bother about cooking, and makes the main meal out, because it is cheaper than eating at home, and because while they are out, they socialize with other people in the restaurants, and enjoy of the good weather, especially if you know where to go to get a free tapa with each drink. Tapas are small portions serve as a snack, which are designed to be substitute of dinner.

The whole process of eating is taken very seriously here, whether it be a bar crawl with tapas, or a sit down meal with seafood and paella. It is not just a case of sustenance, but relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere are equally important. So while knowing a little of what to ask for is a good idea, the where, when and how are equally important.

This custom still prevails in Spanish homes, as most families tend to eat each course slowly while focusing more on conversation than the actual act of eating.

In this section we refer you to different links where you can choose from some of the most popular restaurants in the Costa del Sol, and get a lot further information about its cuisine, and all other possible style.